Prime 1 Studio PMABA-02 1/4 Battle Angel Berserker Motorball Tryout Diorama

byPrime 1 Studio
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"Go easy on me guys."

The artists of Prime 1 Studio present the latest addition to their Premium Masterline Series: the 1/4 scale Alita: Berserker Motorball Tryout Diorama based on the 2018 American cyberpunk action film Alita: Battle Angel.

Alita: Battle Angel was based on the popular '90s manga and anime, then turned into an exciting film by visionary filmmakers James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez. The main protagonist is Alita, a female cyborg with no memories of her past. She is taken in by scientist Dr. Dyson Ido and becomes a lethal machine. Alita (named after his late daughter), is adept in the machine-body martial art known as ‚“Panzer-Kurst‚. Although her heart and soul are strong, to uncover her mysterious past; she must use her unique fighting abilities to save herself, her family, and the world!

Capturing one of the most epic scenes of the film, Prime 1 has created Alita in her Berserker look during the Motorball tryouts. Alita was sculpted in a dynamic pose surrounded by an action-packed environment. Wearing number 99, she is charging forward, Motorball in hand, with an LED illuminated explosion in her wake.

The entire diorama has been carefully crafted with the most screen-accurate elements to bring the full cyberpunk atmosphere to your collection. From the highly detailed Alita face sculpt, to the sleek design in the base that makes it seem like it is always moving, add this Motorball tryout diorama to your collection as an absolutely sensational centerpiece!

This bonus version includes an alternate head sculpt featuring Alita without her helmet.

Product Features
25.35 x 30.08 x 34.33 inches (64.4cm x 76.4cm x 87.2cm)
1/4 Scale
Made of polystone and other materials
Based on the Alita: Battle Angel movie
Alita: Berserker mode
Features Motorball-themed stadium base with LED illumination
Bonus version includes alternate unhelmeted head sculpt

Box Contents
Alita Motorball tryout diorama
Unhelmeted head sculpt

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