Kotobukiya Toy Collectibles & Action Figures

For seasoned model builders or those looking for more unique character designs, Kotobukiya kits and statues are the perfect choice. From its Bishoujo and ARTFX lineup of figurines to the original Frame Arms and Hexa Gear lineup of plastic model kits, Kotobukiya aims to maintain masterful craftsmanship in all its products.

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Kotobukiya: Reimagined Model Kits & Figurines

Kotobukiya was established in 1953 by Sueko and Hajime Suzaki. The company went from selling cosmetics, food, and appliances as a retail chain to developing its own line of plastic models and figurines.

Known as “Bukiya” to fans, Kotobukiya is known for producing original designs as well as reimagining notable characters from various franchises. Kotobukiya produces original plastic model kits, including the Frame Arms and Frame Arms Girls line, Hexa Gear, and Megami Device series.

Kotobukiya is also well-known for its ARTFX line of statues featuring notable Marvel, DC, anime, and Star Wars characters, as well as the Bishoujo style statues that feature the Marvel and DC characters reimagined in the style of Shunya Yamashita’s illustrations.

The company also produces licensed model kits like the 1/72 scale Armored Core Variable Infinity and the highly-articulated High-end Master Model (HMM) Zoids. Kotobukiya also creates Modeling Support Goods (MSG) plastic model weapons that are perfect for plastic model kit customizers and kitbashing.

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Whether you’re looking for new and fresh plastic model kits to satisfy your creativity or wanting to see other versions of your favorite comic book and anime characters, Kotobukiya has it all. Find the latest Megami Device and Frame Arms plastic models as well as ARTFX and Bishoujo figurines from Anotoys Collectibles today.

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